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A Family's Struggle Navigating the Early Identification and Intervention System

Brianna’s story is one of many that shows how difficult California’s early identification and intervention (EII) system can be for families to navigate. Without outside support systems, it is easy for families to get lost, frustrated, and disillusioned.

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With Disruption of Supports, Families of Children with Developmental Concerns Under Stress

For a child with a developmental delay or disability, timely and accessible intervention services can be critical to that child’s wellbeing, as well as that of her parents or caregivers. COVID-19 has disrupted services for many families, compounding the stress related to changes to employment, child care, and overall routines. As a result, rates of stress, depression, and anxiety during the pandemic are significantly higher in households where a young child has a disability.

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With Recession Ahead, Early Intervention Remains Essential for CA Kids and Economy

With the COVID-19 recession predicted to exceed the downturn of the Great Recession, cuts to many key services are expected, and one devastating outcome may be the further erosion of an already fragile system that serves infants and toddlers with developmental delays.

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New Policy Brief Suggests Ways to Improve State EII System, Looks to Help Me Grow

The First 5 Center for Children’s Policy is releasing a new policy brief, "California’s Early Identification and Intervention System and the Role of Help Me Grow,” which describes county systems that improve identification and linkage.

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We Need To Do Better At Spotting Developmental Delays

First 5 Center worked with Orange County mother Gabriela Velasco to write about the difficulties her family faced in getting an autism diagnosis for her son.

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