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California Has an Opportunity to Improve how Medi-Cal Serves Young Children

The First 5 Association of California submitted a response to the Department of Health Care Services on its procurement process for managed care plans to serve the Medi-Cal population with recommendations designed to improve health outcomes for children and provide care with a whole-child, whole-family approach. The following provides an overview of the Association's response.

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New Medi-Cal Policy Expands Access to Family Therapy for Young Children

This week California released an important new policy making family therapy a covered benefit for children in Medi-Cal. This is a significant step forward in approaching children’s health from a whole-family wellness perspective.

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New Paper Says CA Children are Suffering Toxic Stress Due to Hostile Immigration Policies

Many of California’s young children in immigrant families aren’t getting their needs met and are suffering toxic stress, thanks to our nation’s current hostile immigration policies, a new paper explains.

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Documentary Draws Connection Between ACEs & Addiction

A new documentary, produced with support from First 5 Humboldt, draws connections between ACEs & skyrocketing addiction rates in Humboldt County.

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New Paper Discusses How the Medi-Cal System Can Best Support Young Children

We’re thrilled to release our first paper today, along with California Children’s Trust, discussing how the Medi-Cal system can best support young children as they grow up.

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