How California plans to increase access to Paid Family Leave to support early childhood

EdSource  •  Dec 14, 2020

This story quotes First 5 Center Managing Director Sarah Crow.

California became the first state in the nation to offer parents Paid Family Leave in 2014. Now, more than a quarter million parents use this lifeline to take care of their newborn babies every year.

Low-income parents, however, are often the least likely to take advantage of paid leave, research shows. California’s new Master Plan for Early Learning and Care is a 10-year blueprint for gradually reforming early childhood and education at a cost ranging from $2 billion — to make some improvements — to $12 billion to completely overhaul the state’s system.

The report, which was commissioned by Gov. Gavin Newsom, proposes three key ways to bridge the gap between these vital dollars and the parents who need them most. The critical recommendations range from increasing the size of payouts and duration of leave to helping support small businesses while employees are out.

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