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Navigating the Early Identification and Intervention Maze: A Flowchart

California’s early identification and intervention (EII) system is complicated. Many players are responsible for supporting young children’s development and mental health. This flowchart describes the system as it is intended to work for children 0 to 3 years old with Medi-Cal insurance.

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Proposal for an Early Childhood Health Services Initiative in California: An Opportunity to Expand Preventive Supports for Young Children

This concept paper explores California’s opportunity to improve the health and development of young children by leveraging the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Health Services Initiatives (HSIs).


Exploring Workforce Needs: Lessons Learned to Support Home Visitors

To understand home visitors’ workforce development needs, the First 5 Center for Children’s Policy commissioned ZERO TO THREE to conduct focus groups and surveys with home visitors who had participated in professional development opportunities. This brief explores the three key lessons that emerged from that research.


Plan Partnership Project Playbook: A Guide for First 5 Commissions Starting Relationships With Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans

This playbook offers practical advice to First 5 leaders for developing partnerships with managed care plans.


Medi-Cal Financing Overview

This brief provides an overview of the relationship between federal and state Medicaid funding, financing structures in Medi-Cal managed care, and other considerations for First 5 commissions and advocates interested in children’s health care delivery.


Systems Interactions: Medi-Cal Managed Care and other Health Care Delivery for Children on Medi-Cal

This brief describes additional delivery systems that families may have to access in order to make full use of the EPSDT Medi-Cal benefit, and their relationship with Medi-Cal managed care.

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